I have LOVED baking for as long as I can remember. The excitement of warm cookies coming fresh out of the oven, the aroma that fills the air and the accomplishment of knowing that you created something amazing from start to finish – all from scratch is what inspired my passion for creating homemade with love.

Another passion of mine is food – GOOD food and eating! I love the look, textures and tastes of all food. Making delicious dishes excites me and the appreciation of this fine art is what drives me. Food brings people together, makes people happy, and nourishes you.


I believe that the fresher and more colorful your food is, the more nutrients and healthy properties your food has to fuel your body. Living in Hunterdon County, NJ – we have a bounty of farmers markets & farm stands with some of the finest produce and freshest ingredients available. That said, I am a Frenchtown resident, Kingwood native and couldn’t be more thankful for the support of my community.